Chris and Beth's Story

First home buyers, Chris and Beth

Chris and Beth Gleeson and their beautiful kids River and Abel just bought their first home in Belmont North and we caught up with Beth to hear part of their story. As a part of Glee Coffee Roasters and F I E L D cafe in Mayfield, the Gleesons had previously worked with Coffee Finance for commercial facilities but now they have a beautiful place to call their own and we are so excited for them. The day they got the keys, they celebrated with a number of their closest friends with champagne, beers all the while sitting on the floor in their unfurnished, very own space!

1. Tell us about your new home. How long did it take for you to find it?


We saved for about three years, and were probably looking for about three months.
My Mum actually found the house, which is a whole story of its own. We were feeling a bit discouraged in our home buying journey. But she found it, and attended the auction which happened to fall through. The next day we made an offer, which was accepted. Four weeks later, we were in! We love this area. Close to the beach, close to work & friends. It’s perfect for us. My favourite spot in the house is our living room. It’s a retro lovers dream, with loads of nice, natural light, plus a great view of the bus depot. Ha.

2. You've lived here for a while now, so why Newcastle?

Newy til ya dead! Ha. We LOVE Newcastle. It’s home! We couldn’t imagine being anywhere else. Our city is thriving, and becoming a hub for local businesses & industry. We love the culture & community of Newcastle. It really does have the best of everything.

3. Describe your ideal Saturday morning.

Chris Gleesons’ famous buttermilk pancakes & endless pour over coffees. With a constant stream of friends and family dropping in for brekkie. Then maybe a bit of Mario-Kart!

4. Tell us about your family. What does "home" mean to you?

Our lives are pretty full, and 2018 was slightly chaotic! We’re excited to start a new year with a home that we can make our own, at our own pace. “Home” to me, is a place where we can be ourselves, a place of calm, peace, and comfort. It speaks of family.

5. Favourite spot to go for dinner in Newcastle?

One of our old faithfuls has to be Goldbergs. We had one of our first dates there, it’s a Newy staple for sure. If it’s a special celebratory moment during the year, our fave spot is Subo. Seriously, that place is next level.

6. What's the first thing you did when you moved in?

The floors. Literally the day we got the keys we ripped up the carpet! We investigated and found out that there was nice timber flooring underneath, and everyone just started ripping it up, beers in hand!

7. One final question: If you could only listen to one album for the rest of time, what it would it be?

The latest Mumford and Sons! The right amount of chill and energy. Love it. Chris would probably say something like Radiohead or Dave Matthews.. #melancholy


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