Kub's Story

We have assisted Kub with residential investment loans as well as development finance.  There are different reasons to use commercial bank products over residential lending products when it comes to funding a construction project, given residential investment property loans are for ideally for investors retaining the property as a longer term investment, while development finance is required where the project is intended to be built and sold on completion.

We recently caught up with Kub to see the latest on his projects and learn a little more about what he does.

1. Tell us about what you do. How did you get started as a developer?


I started with my first home which I jumped into straight after I got my first job out of Uni. It was a block of land and the government was offering an incentive for new construction which I took advantage of and got a friend to build it for me and I did a little bit of the work. It cost me more than planned but was a good learning curve and forced me to think of ways to try and pay off the property quicker . In the last 3 to 4 years I have been developing small scale residential development projects mainly consisting of 2 storey townhouses. I will find the land and engage and manage the consultants to get an approval, as well as engaging a builder and agents to sell the properties either off the plan or upon completion in a nut shell.

2. You've lived here for a while now, so why Newcastle?

I grew up here, most of my family and friends are here and think Newcastle is a beautiful town with an amazing coastline and plenty of good opportunities now and into the future.

3. Describe your ideal Saturday morning.

Suns out, coffee, the paper and a surf.

4. Favourite spot to go for dinner in Newcastle?

I would have said The Edwards! But maybe the Burwood…I like a good suburban pub.

5. Where was the first property that you bought?

The piece of land where I built my first home was in Waratah

6. If you could only listen to one album for the rest of time, what it would it be?

Szymon Tigersapp

7. One piece of advice for anyone looking to invest in property?

Work out your budget, speak to good broker and do your research. There are deals out there if you look hard enough.