some helpful calculators

how much can I borrow

An instant estimate of how much you can borrow for your home loan.

basic loan Repayments

Calculate how much your home loan repayments will be by comparing options like fortnightly repayments, interest rates and length of loan.

how long to repay

Simple calculation of repayments resulting in loan term and overall cost of loan.


lump sum payments

Simple calculation of how a lump sum payment lowers the loan term and overall cost of loan.

loan comparison

Use a loan comparison calculator to compare current home loan products in Australia.

extra repayments

Calculate your home loan repayments with extra repayments, and results of time and interest saved.


split loan

Calculate your repayments based on a split loan between fixed and variable.

P&I / interest only

Compare the loan repayments between a principal and interest loan or an interest only loan.


remaining balance

Check out the exact amount remaining on your loan at any given year.

achieve savings target

Find out how much you need to save periodically for your next big purchase.

calculate savings

Achieve your financial objectives by saving regularly.  Use this calculator to help you find out how much you can save.


lease calculator

Calculate monthly payments and total cost based on the amount you wish to finance, the interest rate and lease term.

stamp duty

Check stamp duty fees and charges depending on which state you are in.